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Your Global Logistics Partner

Ever thought your supply chain was just about logistics?

Think again.
It’s about people and their invaluable industry experience,
shaping every aspect of your logistics journey.

Why Partner with Pro Africa?
Unveiling the Distinctive Advantage

  • Expertise and Efficiency

    Benefit from our team's extensive industry knowledge and efficient processes. Whether it's shipping across borders or managing international inventory, we deliver results swiftly and effectively.

  • Comprehensive Shipping Options

    Explore our full range of shipping solutions, including air, ocean, road, and abnormal freight. With Pro Africa, businesses have the flexibility they need to expand globally.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We understand that every business is unique. Our customized solutions prioritize quality control systems and proactive advising to optimize your supply chain.

  • Trade and Compliance Specialists

    Trust our experts to navigate complex customs regulations while facilitating seamless trade operations. We continuously innovate and lead change in the industry.

  • Strategic Value

    Pro Africa adds strategic value to your supply chain with multi-modal flexibility and innovative solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

  • Focused Quality Control Systems

    Count on our meticulous quality control systems to ensure precision and reliability throughout your supply chain!

  • Proactive Advising and Implementation

    Rely on our proactive approach to advising and implementing supply chain solutions that anticipate and address your business's needs!

Expand Globally with Pro Africa's
Versatile Value Add Solutions

Efficient Options for Abnormal Industrial Projects, Packing Solutions, IT Solutions , Warehousing , Customs

Value Add Services

Abnormal Project Cargo

Abnormal Cargo is a specialized domain in the freight and shipping business . Our Abnormal Projects Cargo division has a strong diverse team of specialized subject matter experts well know to market and capable of delivering any type of cargo through any mode of transport with a proven track record knowing.

  • Each project comes with its own complexities and requires and hands on approach.

  • Each project requires its own planning , scheduling and tailor made solution.

  • Route surveys clearances may be required.

  • Facilitating the propping of bridges, if required.

  • Traffic management plans.

  • Providing full visibility and tracking.

Packing Solutions

All enquires are serviced laying emphasis on each clients specific requirements.  All of our packing staff are fully trained in All HSE aspects pertaining to there individual tasks.  Our dedicated packing team will have the necessary training and certification to complete all tasks as required to ensure compliance and effectiveness . Our mobile teams are fully equipped and self sufficient to work on site.

Packing Solutions

  • Crate, Skid and Pallet Manufacture

  • Rigging and lifting for bigger Projects

  • Specialized Corrosion Control and Preservation

  • Storage and Preservation Consultants

  • Pro Shrink, Barrier Foil and VCI Applications

  • Container lashing, Strapping and Load Securing

  • Full Turnkey Project Packing

  • Break-bulk Packing

  • Cladding, Cradles and Transport Blocks.

  • Onsite / Inhouse crating and packing

Registered with The Department of Agriculture, ISPM 15 certified. “HT” timber

Customs Brokerage

We offer efficient expeditious customs clearance and delivery for both import and export shipments covering all key aspects , in addition we arrange bonding , storage and ex bounding of cargo as required. Over and above our Expeditious customs clearing service, In Addition we offer value added service including, but not limited to the following:

  • Customs compliance audits to ensure compliance with all customs regulations

  • Customs valuations, tariff classifications, origin and rebates advice Formal tariff determination applications

  • Rebates and drawback advice

  • Customs licensing, registration and accreditation consulting

  • Customs excise licensing, registration and accreditation consulting

  • Bond store audits and rebate store reviews

  • PSI Requirements / Country Specific

IT Solutions

  • Pro Connect is our own developed application which is hosted in the cloud and available 24/7

  • Pro Connect is a critical component to Pro Africa’s strategy and differentiates us to our competitors

  • Pro Connect allows us to manage various Organisational Units within the same application, for example Customer Organisation Units

  • Pro Connect is available as a Web and Mobile Application

  • Pro connect has the statistical reporting capability based on customer requirements.

  • Tracking your Cargo has never been easier

Warehousing Solutions

Through our strategic warehouse practices and technologies we provided the necessary for maximizing efficiencies withing the storage / warehouse component of operations through the efficient and effective practice of:

Warehouse Solutions:

  • Receiving / dispatching

  • Basic Storage & Custom-tailored storage and retrieval systems

  • Cross docks

  • Consolidation , Packing and shipping

  • Inventory management

  • Order picking

  • Quick response systems

  • Integration of the supply chain with customer systems

  • Distribution & Transportation service

  • Cellular communication & satellite tracking

Don't compromise on quality. Experience the
transformative impact of our seasoned team!

Expand Globally with Pro Africa's
Versatile Shipping Solutions

Efficient Options for Air, Ocean, Road, and Abnormal Freight



Our Strong business networks and relationships with airlines equips us with the ability to ensure best deals in terms or service and rates both in and out bound SA.

We Offer the following:

  • Air consolidations

  • Air direct

  • Cross trades

  • Out-of-gauge cargo

  • Temperature controlled cargo

  • DG cargo

  • Customs brokerage / Pre-Shipment Inspections

  • Air charters

  • Surveillance of High Value cargo

  • Storage of cargo

  • Reverse Logistics


Our Diverse HIGH QUALITY AFRICA Coverage supports your strategic business growth through our

  • Road Freight Africa team of subject matter experts driving an unmatched level of door to door service irrespective of Origin or Destination via our network of terminals.

  • Well Equipped to support our continuous expanding African Network with innovative developments and technology through the various sectors, driving improved lead times and visibility

  • Multi – Modal Flexibility , FTL , LTL , BB , AB

  • Africa Customs Compliance Specialists

  • Live Tracking and Continuous improvements leading change


Our door to door service and associations with the various shipping lines, makes us capable to handle the movement of all types of cargo over the high seas at a competitive rate, service and space .

We Offer the following:

  • LCL consolidations

  • FCLs

  • RORO

  • Cross trades

  • Out-of-gauge cargo / Reefer cargo / Breakbulk cargo

  • Customs brokerage / Pre-Shipment Inspections

  • Vessel charters

  • Road and rail transport to and from port

  • Surveillance of High Value cargo

  • Storage of containers / Cross-docking / Container unpacking

  • Reverse Logistics

Cross Trade

Pro-Africa offers a comprehensive cross trade service that facilitates the transportation of goods directly between two countries, bypassing the buyer's country. This service is designed to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness in international trade by leveraging a global network and streamlined processes.

  • Transport cargo directly between countries without passing through the buyer’s country.

  • Triangular Collaborate with international suppliers and global offices for seamless shipments.

  • Efficient Handling to Ensure smooth transit, clearance, and delivery of shipments.

  • Versatile and Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Consolidate orders and offer flexible shipping (sea, road, air) for efficiency and cost savings.


Pro Africa offers a reliable, tried, and tested Road / Sea and Air cost effective consolidation service combining various cargo types, belonging to multiple shippers, to and from a variety of international destinations.

  • Integrated Service that Provides a trackable, seamless, and flexible multimodal consolidation that meets customer needs, reducing costs and complexities.

  • Offers warehousing and distribution services at each point in the supply chain.

  • Transshipment Hubs that Supports RIT (Remains In Transit) and RIB (Remains In Bond) movements with dedicated hubs to and from various destinations.

  • Dedicated Buyer Consols that Builds dedicated consolidations for specific buyers to streamline their supply chain resulting in  cost effective solutions.

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Firstly we would like to thank you for your assistance in our matter, your efforts were greatly appreciated and resulted in happy customers both on our side and yours. We couldn't be more pleased with the service received, especially considering I know most of it required after hour follow ups and chasing so again, thank you so much!!! Looking forward to working with you all again soon!"
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"Such great service from you always! A BIG THANK YOU "
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Thank you for the excellent service! Appreciate your assistance as always you a life saver"
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"Gentlemen, All your effort and efficiency is much appreciated. Have a lovely day further."
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"Ladies” , Thank you for all of your effort, going above and beyond to help with this. I appreciate the excellent service."
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" Team, you should be commended on the service as well as the frequent communication you provide it is truly a pleasure dealing with all , our customers appreciate it as well."
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"Dear Pro Africa , Thank you so much for always making things happen. I Can’t express my gratitude. Superb job as always!"

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